Maximum Motorcycle Per Square Inch

With its shorter wheelbase, lighter weight and tighter geometry, the Hunter’s frame is fitted with a super maneuverable set of wheels, a hip retro-metro aesthetic and a 350cc J-engine that packs extra muscle for every hustle.

Agility Without Fragility

At the heart of the Hunter beats a fuel-injected, long-stroke 350cc J-engine that delivers a smoother ride, higher RPM and dollops of torque. Paired with a steady downtube spine frame and grounded suspension, the Hunter 350 gives the right amount of power and precision, whether you’re revving up the city streets or gunning down the motorway.

Digi-Analog Instrument Cluster

A shoutout to the analogue era but perfectly in sync for modern-day riding, the Hunter features a retro-style speedometer along with a digital LCD screen that tells you everything you need to know and is compatible with the Royal Enfield Tripper Navigation System.

Alloy Wheels with Tubeless Tires

The Hunter 350 is the only Royal Enfield in production to feature super maneuverable 431.8 mm (17″ ) front and rear tyres, and striking cast alloy wheels. The tubeless tyres let you ride uninterrupted for as long as you want, minus the puncture paranoia.

Colour Options

Hunter 350 Hunter 350 Hunter 350 Hunter 350 Hunter 350 Hunter 350 Hunter 350